Why Didn't Your Home Sell?

If your listing expired and your house did not sell, you're probably frustrated. Not to mention the fact that you're probably wondering what went wrong. Here are three questions to consider as you decide what to do next.

Did You Limit Access to Your House?

One of the worst mistakes you can make when selling your home is limiting the days and times when potential buyers can visit it. Being flexible with your schedule is essential when selling your home, even if it may feel difficult to drop everything and leave when buyers want to visit it. After all, limited access implies limited exposure to purchasers. ShowingTime advises:

“. . . do your best to be as flexible as possible when granting access to your house for showings.”

The most determined buyers may travel long distances. Because people are going to see your home, they may find it difficult to adjust their plans if you only provide limited hours for showings. So, try to make your residence as accessible as possible to them. It's straightforward. How is it going to sell if no one can look at it?

Did You Make Your House Stand Out?

When it comes to selling your home, an old saying holds true: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Making the exterior of your property seem great is just as crucial as how you stage it inside. Improve your home's curb appeal by refreshing your landscaping.

 As an article from U.S. News says:

“After all, if people drive by, but aren’t interested enough to walk through the front door, you’ll never sell your house.”

However, don't let the impact end at the front door. You allow buyers greater flexibility to imagine themselves in the property by removing personal objects and decreasing clutter within. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint or a thorough cleaning of the flooring can significantly improve the appearance of a room.

Did You Price Your House Compellingly?

Setting the correct price for your home is critical when selling it. Even though it may seem tempting to raise the price to maximize your profit, overpricing can turn off buyers and make it difficult to sell quickly. Business Insider notes:

“. . . the biggest mistake sellers make is overpricing their home.”

If your home is priced higher than similar properties, buyers may lose interest. Pay attention to what people say to your agent at open houses and showings. If several individuals are saying the same thing, it could be a good idea to consider cutting the price.

Rely on a reputable real estate agent for all of these insights and more. A great realtor will provide experienced advice on relisting your home as well as effective selling methods.

Bottom Line

It's natural to be frustrated once your listing expires and your home does not sell. Let's talk about what happened and what you should reconsider or modify if you want to put your house back on the market.

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